ALUR DSGN was started with the mindset of transparency coupled with simplicity in design. We only design products that we find passionate and use ourselves.
You can trust that everything we create has common interests with the community we are a part of. Our mission statement of brand transparency will openly share our past, present and future ideas with the entire ALUR family.
In 2017, we invested our time into designing vapor products because we thought there was too much complications that made the learning curve pretty steep. While on this journey, we realized that we wanted to pursue a different kind of design. Minimal in style with a simple user interface, we found the right direction and went to work! From there, we sought much feedback from distributors, retailers and consumers. As ideas became concepts and then concepts went to prototypes, we found that what we loved was also what many others did too. The progress of this project gave us an even clearer direction; keeping the entire focus on you, the user.
We wanted to provide technology and engineering complexities within simply designed devices. From concept drafting to sourcing the factories who we entrust the manufacturing to - we look at the smallest details. Everything is considered, such as eco-friendly packaging, raw materials and the user experience to the ethics of our manufacturing partners.
Every product designed by ALUR is curated to give the best user experience while maintaining affordable pricing for everyone. We strive to be the most transparent brand within every industry by sharing every detail with the world; this includes our manufacturing partners, global distributors and retailers.
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